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a concept album by kat green & daniel belardinelli

We Are - Demo - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli
Happy Child - Demo - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli
I Am Strong - Demo - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli
Rise The Phoenix - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli
Empire Crumbles - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli
One More Light (Cover) - Demo - Kat Green & Daniel Belardinelli

“The Phoenix Project” has a message and mission to give hope and release the stigma of depression.  Inspired by our own personal struggles as well as the recent harrowing tragedies of the likes of Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain to name a few which have brought to the foreground the enormous crisis of this epidemic.  Make no mistake though, it is not a depressing album.  This is a classical-crossover orchestral concept album that has an arc and the mission to inspire and show resilience through stories of birth, heartache, strength, transformation, and rebirth.  The music is epic, powerful, dramatic, theatrical and beautiful.   We are planning to present the album in a concert sometime end of August and we will be partnering with mental health organizations, the City of LA, UCLA, NYU, The One More Light Foundation among many others.

Proposed Institutional partners:

NYU / The Music and Social Change Lab, Professor Carlos Chirinos,  Director.

UCLA / UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

City of LA Public Health Commission


Musical/Creative Partners:

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra,  David Hernando Rico, musical Director

The Angel City Chorale, Sue Fink, musical Director

The UCLA LabSchool Children Choir

The Southeast Symphony Orchestra,  Anthony Parnther, musical Director

Oscar Zambrano, Mastering Engineer

Daniel Belardinelli, Composer/Arranger/Producer

Kat Green, Composer/Arranger/Producer

David Krystal, Orchestrator

Nita Sinaga, Choir Arranger

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